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No More Vacation Selfies: Hire a Vacation Photographer

Vacations wouldn’t be complete without souvenir photos from your latest adventure.

With the advancement of today's technology, everyone can take vacation photos. Just raise up your phone, click away and you'd have your own souvenir in a snap.

Unfortunately, there are risks in just relying on front cameras and selfie sticks. There's the risk of not being in the group photo, if you’re the one tasked to take it. Sure, selfie sticks help, but it doesn't capture the entire scene for most of the time. There's also the risk of asking a complete stranger to take the shot for you. Then, of course, there’s the chance you won’t fully enjoy your vacation. How can you have an amazing time at this new place if you’re too preoccupied trying to get the perfect shot?

If you're tired of mere vacation selfies and want stunning vacation photos, then hire a vacation photographer!

What's a “Vacation Photographer”?

The title speaks for itself: you’ll have a professional photographer documenting your vacation. They'll be responsible to take photos of the sites you visit, photos of you in the said sites and everything between.

Vacation photographers, at least ours in One Resonance Photography and Multimedia, are locals—a 100% Filipinos.

Why Hire a Vacation Photographer?

You’d Take Home Amazing Photos

It’s like having your own lifestyle feature. You’d have stunning photos of the places you visit and awesome shots of you enjoying every minute of it. Photographers know how to work their gear and they have the eye for amazing compositions. Hiring one for your vacation assures you that you’d be taking home postcard-esque photos.

You’d Have Lesser Chances of Being Scammed

There's always the risk of being scammed when in a foreign place. But with a local tagging along with you, you'd have lesser chances of having an awful vacation. You will neither get lost not get mixed with the wrong people.

Think of it this way: aside from having a personal photographer, you’d also have a tour guide, a translator and a haggler—all in one.

When you book us, we can help you with a lot of things. We can help you in finding the best restaurants. Suggest awesome places that you would also want to check out. Show you the right routes to take. Help you talk to the locals and most definitely help you get great discounts!

You’d Enjoy Your Vacation a Whole Lot More

You'd be able to relax more knowing you're not pressured to document every step of your adventure. And you won't have to go through great lengths to take awesome picture of the places you visit!

With a vacation photographer around, you’d save yourself from bringing heavy camera gear. You won't get left out of group shots. Plus, you won’t have to interrupt your sightseeing or whatever it is that you're doing, just to take a photo.

It’s not every day you’re in a foreign place, exploring new heights! You might as well just spend every minute soaking up the beauty of the place and immerse yourself in this unique cultural experience.

Our Style in Taking Vacation Photos

We take vacation photos the same way we photograph events: candid and photojournalistic. Yes, we’ll take pictures of you in front of national landmarks and breathtaking views. It’s part of the typical vacation picture taking process. But we want to go beyond that.

We want to give pictures of you having a good time. Pictures of you tasting the local cuisine or just chilling by the beach. We want to capture your reaction as you see a majestic place for the first time.

We want you to remember how amazing this vacation has been for you. For us, it’s more than just taking pictures of your travels. It's about taking photos of you experiencing and enjoying the vacation.

Don’t worry; we won’t get in the way of you having an awesome time. In facet, after the “mandatory" souvenir photos, we’d step back and let you continue your vacation. We’ll simply be at a respectable distance, trying to capture the moment as it unfolds.

Come see for yourself. Check out our vacation photography work here.

Ready to have stunning photos on your next trip? Send us a message!

Let’s talk about your next adventure and how you want it documented. We offer awesome vacation photography packages that won't hurt your budget.

Our packages are inclusive of:

Professional photography service

Digital copies of all your photos

Photo enhancements

FREE 3-5 minute photo slideshow

Contact us to know more details.

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