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Maila & Sylvain

Maila and Sylvain's civil wedding isn't the first small wedding we've ever been to, but we've never covered an event as intimate as this one. There are roughly only 10 guests comprised of immediate family members, two witnesses and really close friends. Too busy to read? Watch their AVP instead:

Last August 8th, despite the heavy rains in the Metro, we made it to the Quezon City Hall for this couple's civil wedding.


However, for some reason, only the couple and the witnesses were allowed inside the judge's courtroom. That means no family members were able to see the ceremony and even our team wasn't able to set foot in there. Good thing we were able to take pictures of them signing the contract while in the waiting area.

The bride was understandably upset with the strict rules. Other than couple-and-witnesses-only-in-the-courtroom rule, they didn't even allow us to shoot outside, or at any point of the entire city hall area. She also ended up spending extra on the court's in house photographer, just to have the ceremony covered. But we both agreed that the situation was beyond our control; we just have to make up for lots of beautiful shots at the reception.

And that's exactly what we did.

Once in Gloria Maris at Cubao, we took lots of pictures.

This, by the way, is the sole table to all the guests (and yes, we're seated here too--it's that intimate).

Despite the situation back at the court, our team was still determined to give them beautiful pictures that will last a lifetime. Here's some of our favorite shots from their event:


The thing about intimate events is that everything is simple and scaled down. What makes it great is that without the grand set-up, rituals and other ministrations, it all boils down to the very essence of any wedding:

It's two people coming together in front of God, the law and the people dearest to their hearts--declaring their endless love and commitment to one another.

And we're honored to have been part of such an event.

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